All About The Boost: My Interview With JetSurfing Nation

Hey guys!

It’s Dmitri here. How is the beginning of summer going? You know, we still got 80 days until the end of this summer season (for some it’s enough to get a trip around the world), so make sure you get the most out of it! 

In today’s update, I wanted to share with you a video interview I did last week with Mike Zed, a host of a Youtube channel called Jet Surfing Nation: Make Your Waves. Mike reached out to me a few weeks ago, curious about the Boost fin and our whole journey, so I gladly shared it with him.

In this video, you’ll most likely find answers to many of your questions like How to install the Boost Fin, How does the Boost App work, Can you combine several Boost fins together, COVID-19 Delivery delays and shipping plans, and more.

Would love to hear what you guys think and if you still got questions left, feel free to comment them under the video or just respond to this email.

By the way, with regards to manufacturing – we are still on track! Also next week I’ll share our new awesome SUP videos (I know, we’ve got a lot of paddleboarders out here). So stay tuned for those!

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