Answering FAQs about the Boost fin: Shipment, Colors, Adapters & More

Answering FAQs about the Boost fin: Shipment, Colors, Adapters & More

Hey guys!

Our weekly update is here. This week we decided to answer 5 most frequently asked questions about the Boost fin. Hope you’ll find these helpful:

✔️When will I get my Boost fin?

As mentioned in our previous updates, mass production is launched and going full speed and we expect to begin shipping late July. As we get closer, we’ll make sure to let you know of the specific date.

✔️Does it come in different colors? How do I choose the color?

Yes. The Boost fin comes in 2 colors: white and black. Before shipping, we’ll send out a survey asking for your fin color preference as well as your choice of adapters.

✔️Does it fit my surfboard/my SUP?

Yes. Thanks to a variety of adapters that we created, the Boost fin can fit almost any board. While there are thousands of different board brands, the fin systems are industry-standard in most cases and we have an adapter for almost all of them, if we don’t, in a very rare scenario, we will try to make it or you can use our adhesive one, read on for more details.

✔️Adapters? How do I choose it? How do I know which adapter I need?

The Boost Surfing Fin works with any board using adapters that we provide. Most of the boards have one of these fin systems: Futures, FCS (2), Longboard, Soft Top, SUP (the slide-in fin box).

In case you have some rare fin system, non-removable fins, or simply would like to install multiple Boost Fins on your board (yes, that’s an option) – we provide a universal stick-on mount. It’s also a perfect solution for kayaks or other water toys. The fin box adapter is designed to attach to any surface with a water-resistant adhesive. Once you have the fin box attached, the adapter simply plugs into the fin box. The fin box becomes a permanent part of your board, but the Boost Fin and slide-in adapter can be taken off whenever you want.

✔️Can I get a second Boost fin?

Yes, we can upgrade you to our DUO pack, just email [email protected]

If you haven’t purchased a Boost fin yet, it’s about time! Over 4,600 surfers and SUPers all over the world have placed their orders. If you still want to catch a good deal, join them!

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