Mass production is going as planned

Hey guys!

It’s Dmitri here, CEO of Boost Surfing with this week’s update!

  • Mass production is going as planned
    Motors, batteries, chargers are ready, and the plastic mold ready. 
  • Progress on other components
    The remote controls update and PCBs the motherboards. Screwdrivers, magnets, boxes are ready to go into production. 
  • Estimated delivery times stay the same
    The dates I’ve mentioned in my previous email are unchanged – we’re still planning on shipping in August.

We’re on track with mass production

Fortunately, there were no serious surprises with mass production this week, and it is still going to start on the 30th of July as planned. In early August we’ll get the samples from mass production, test them, and make the decision if they’re good enough for the final launch.

On the 21st of July motors, batteries, and chargers should arrive at our facility and are going to be stored at the assembly line. And on the 30th we’re going to start producing plastic molds. These are the main components, which the production is dependent on, but we’re at the final stage with them now.

Here’s how the finalized mold for the plastic looks:

Mass production is going as planned

Update on other components

  • Finalizing the remote control. As of now, we had an old remote design that we used for the samples (you can see it in our videos on youtube), which I’m not a huge fan of. 

We also have this new custom one that we created, and I’m working with one of our partners to make sure we can get it on time with all the specifications that we need. I think we can make it happen on time without delays, I know that is very important because everybody is waiting. (If there will be delays we might go with the first version).

Mass production is going as planned
  • PCBs (the motherboards) 
    • Adding one more feature for advanced setup (the update on the application will come in about a week or two) – and it will go into production. 
  • Boost Fin Packing box is finished, we will ask for your feedback next time 😉 This week is our internal feedback.
  • Other small items like a special screwdriver with a magnet to turn it on are in production.

We’re also gonna launch the Boost Surfing merchandise – there’ll be t-shirts, caps and hoodies.  And in the meantime, we’re working on several additional accessories which will go into production soon, more details to follow.

Shipping and deliveries

So, to sum up, if all goes like this week with no issues then we can begin shipping as I mentioned in my previous updates on August 15-17th.

Take care, everyone! Have a great weekend.

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