Plastic molds production starts next week!

Hi guys! How are you doing?

It’s Dmitry, CEO of Boost Surfing with our weekly update.

Everything is looking positive at the moment. Here is what’s going on in short:

  • Plastic molds production is starting next week
    The molds will go into production on July 30th and assembling will start at the beginning of August.
  • Boost Fin App
    We’ll show you how the app looks at the moment and want to see your feedback in our communities.

Assembling of the first units should begin at the end of next week as we start producing plastic shells

We’re right on track with production, all the components are being produced and stored at the assembly line. Once the shells are ready we will make the first mass production units and test them, that should happen around 30th of July, only a week to go and I’m really looking forward to it.

An update on Boost Surfing App

A lot of you guys were asking about the Boost Surfing App after the last update. 

The main feature of the app is that you will be able to adjust your Boost fin’s settings to comply with your needs and your style. Each fin will come with pre-set modes which you can customize and adjust for yourself for different types of styles and waves. For example, you might want to have more powerful short boosts and less powerful long boosts to get out to a lineup, or if you’re on a SUP, you don’t need too much power, usually, 30-40% is enough. You can play around with the setting to find just the right mode for yourself.

Here is a link so you can experience the app and leave comments if you want to leave us feedback.

Anyway, hope you’re all doing well, I’ll send you an update next week when the mass production begins. I’m sure you’re as excited as I am!

Have a great weekend! 

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