Plastic shells in production, testing the remote

Hi! This is Dmitri again, CEO of Boost Surfing, with a regular update. 

First of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you to those who’ve commented in the private group and expressed their support for us (check it out and if you’re not a member yet – click the Join button) – it was very touching and your words of support are very important to me and the whole Boost Surf team.

And now I’ll briefly tell you about what happened during the week, and down below I’ll go into more detail:

  • We’ve finished testing factory-made plastic shells and they went into production, everything’s good with them! 
  • Remotes are the only thing left to test and we plan to have it done by the end of next week. 
  • We’ve added adapters to the website store, now you can order additional adapters (for those who’ve purchased the fin already the delivery is free with the FREESHIPPING promo code).
  • Now you can change your delivery address in the OMS yourself – so if you want to check it and make any changes – you can easily do it.

Plastic shells mass-production

Last week I told you that the shells were on their way to Bali for tests. So, all is good, we’ve tested them and the shells proved to be pretty good, the plastic is elastic but durable, so it won’t break under the influence of natural forces.
We’ve also found a couple of tiny issues and improved them. So… shells are good to go. We are starting to make those. 🙂 Yeah! 

Finalizing the remotes

Remotes are the only thing left to finalize and we plan to have it done by the end of next week. We have received all the components from the factory, so it’s time to test everything to make sure they work as we planned. Our european engineering team will need about one week to finalize it, then Alex and I will get the samples to make the final tests to confirm it. 

At the same time, we’re constantly doing tests on the product and finding things to improve. My co-founder Alex had been testing the fin in Bali for a long time, and now I’ve finally received my Fin in California and started testing it last weekend. Soon I will be sharing photos and videos on social media. Thus, thanks to additional tests we have improved the charging jack and the screwdriver. 

Everything else is quite ready and waiting for assembly. The plastic shells are in production, Boost Fin motors and ESCs are in storage, all rubber parts are of the right hardness, mounts will be ready next week, screwdrivers are almost ready, we’re just making some final adjustments. So as you can see there are no other factors that can affect the dates, just waiting on the remote controls, and then we’re good to go! 

Adding more adapters to your order

Many of you guys have been asking us about the possibility of purchasing additional adapters, and that’s exactly what we did! Now, if you go to our website, you can buy as many adapters as you want, each of them costs $19.99. If you’ve purchased the fin already, shipping will be free and adapters will arrive together with your fin. Just use this promo code – FREESHIPPING and be sure to use the same email that you had used last time (in order for the promo code to work). If some adapters are missing from the page but you would like to purchase them – write me back, and if there are many requests – we will add additional adapters to the website.

Changing your delivery address

And lastly, we’ve been receiving a lot of requests to change delivery details – so we added an opportunity for you to change it yourself. Simply log into your Orders Management System and make any necessary changes into your delivery address.


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