Production of plastic molds has begun!

Hey guys!

Dmitry here, CEO of Boost Surfing, with some exciting news! Sorry about lack of communication last week, the whole team has been really busy with the processes I’ll talk about in this update. 

  • We’re launching our Orders Management System page
    On the page, you can select the adapters, Fin color and your delivery details.
  • Production of plastic molds has begun!
    On the 1st of August, the first factory-produced shots were made and tested.

Time to pick your adapters and your Boost fin color! 

We’re getting very close to shipping the fins, so we’ve created a special Orders Management System page, which you all will be sent a link to. You can finally specify your choice of adapters and desired color of your Boost Fin there. You will also need to check the correctness of your delivery address and fill in your phone number (only if you’re located outside the US) – phone number is only needed for delivery purposes and won’t be shared with any third party companies. When we have all the information, we can start working on your order. 

Plastic molds are finally in production

Everything is going well, this week we’ve finally started producing plastic molds in the factory – all the fins you’ve seen before were 3D printed, which obviously wasn’t good enough for mass production and lacked the overall quality. On the 1st of August, first plastic shots were made. They were sent to our R&D departments in Europe and Bali to perform tests and if all goes well, fingers crossed, mass production of the plastic will begin shortly.

Most of the other components are ready and stored at the warehouse near our production facility, so very soon we will begin assembling the fins and are going to send out the first orders at the end of this month.

Overall, it all looks positive, everything is going according to plan and we’re looking forward to looking at the first factory-produced Boost Fins! 

Anyway, hope you have a great week! 

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