Remotes and PCBs are ready for mass-production


This is me, Dmitri, CEO Boost Surfing, with a regular update, and today I have several great news.

The last update was a couple of weeks ago, but during that time we were actively sharing the news on our special page Additionally, we’re sharing status updates on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so follow them to keep up to date with the news.

Remotes are ready for mass production

We’ve tested all the remotes and they showed great performance, everything works fine. We’ve also tested PCBs (motherboards) of the remotes and gave green light to mass-production. 

We only need to finalize the plastic shells for ordinary remotes, the molds for the pro model are ready, so now the remotes don’t really slow down the production.

PCBs of the Fin are ready for launch

Apart from the button PCBs, we’ve got the Fin PCBs started as well. We’ve placed an order for the components that have the longest lead times. As for the rest, while there is time, Alex and I continue to test the PCBs under different conditions. I’ve written before that the launch of PCB into production was one of the most difficult processes for us, but now the most complex components are ready to be launched into production of the first batch.

Durability testing

Straight after the last update, we’ve conducted durability tests of the Fin and we were very happy with the results (more details on our updates page, the video of the test is available here). 

Unsolved question with the antenna

At the moment we’re searching for the best solution of installing the antenna in the Fin. Our initial method didn’t work out and it messed up the Fin’s appearance, that’s why we are trying out other options. Our CTO Alex is testing another hypothesis this week – trying to place the antenna inside of the casing, that will make it super durable, so it is a great option. We will test this week if the signal passes through it well. We are more likely to resolve this by the end of the week – and this is the final component with which we still have questions.

That is all. Today’s update is short but positive. 

If you have any questions, just send me an email at [email protected], I’ll be happy to answer.

P.S. By the way, I’m writing this update while sitting at the airport waiting for my flight – I have the Boost Fin with me, no one did any checks, everything is fine, you can fly with it 🙂 

Remotes and PCBs are ready for mass-production

Take care, everyone!

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