New shipping dates, update on the remotes

Hi! It’s me, Dmitri, CEO of Boost Surfing. Sorry about lack of communication the last few weeks, we’ve just been waiting on the ETA of some final components to tell you the exact shipping dates. In this update, I’ll tell you what’s going on and shipping timelines. 

In short, for those who don’t have time:

  • There are delays with the remote. Initially, we planned on selling the improved version separately and including the simplified version in the box. But there are concerns over the workability of the main control button, so we will most likely have to ship the improved version to everyone.
  • We will ship the first 50 Boost Fins on the 30th of September (with the initial demo remote). If you want to receive your fin earlier than others (with the test remote), just send me an email at [email protected].
  • Starting from the 15th of October, we will begin shipping the first 2000 Boost Fins and then another 2000 fins every two-three weeks! 

The remote

Currently, we have two versions of remotes: the simple original version and the improved version.

The original version has its advantages – it’s smaller and has 4 buttons for different set-ups (you can set your own modes for each button).

When we had tested the final version of the original remote from mass production, we discovered a problem that we’re currently trying to solve. I really like this remote, I usually put it inside the wetsuit, it’s really compact like a watch. Again there are a few concerns that got discovered on a final version of it which we are working on now, and it takes slightly more time than we planned (it turned out to be more complicated).
There should be a final answer (if we can fix the issue now to start shipping or it will require some time) in the coming days – and I hope it will be positive.

IF for some reason we can’t solve those issues, we will be shipping the Pro version to everyone.

The improved remote maintains the connection with the fin at longer distances, has GPS for future in-app features and supports wireless charging. 

The improved remote should be shipped to me and Alex for testing at the start of the next week. Most likely it will be good cause our engineers have tested them, but until we test it ourselves we won’t sign off of it.

Other than final remotes all the components for the first 50 fins are ready to be assembled and shipped.

At the moment, the control button is the only thing that we’re waiting on, so we are ready to assemble and ship the first orders to those who are ready to use the fin with the test remote control.

If you are up for it and want to receive your fin asap (with the test remote), just send me an email at [email protected]. We’ll see if there are enough test remotes for everyone, and if so, we will ship those orders two weeks earlier than the main batch! DISCLAIMER 🙂 They are sealed with silicon and have a battery inside, so when the battery is done you would need to replace it and reseal that part. It takes 5 minutes but I understand that it is a simple but still a hustle, so if you really want it now let me know, and once we have a final remote we will send it as well.


The next 2000 fins will be ready on the 15th of October and that’s when I expect us to begin shipping. By that time I think that we will be able to resolve all the questions with the control buttons and will be shipping either the improved or the original remote, and will proceed to ship approx. 2000 fins every two weeks.

So after the 15th of October, we will be shipping 2000 fins every two weeks.

Sadly, due to delays with production, COVID and the fact that we’re launching a completely new product and have to deal with problems that were not obvious to us at the first glance – deadlines are shifting, some components get delayed and it’s very difficult to predict all this in advance. We take full responsibility for all the delays and apologize for them. 

Thanks for reading! If you’ve got something to share or you want to receive your order earlier than everyone else – I’m waiting for your message at [email protected]!

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