Update on remotes, jacks and production

Hi everyone!

Dmitri here, CEO of Boost Surfing, with a regular update. Recently, we’ve switched to the mini-updates format and we also share them in our social networks and on the special page, so here I’ll gather everything that I’ve mentioned in the mini-updates already.

We have a lot of news since the last update:

  • The Pro remote turned out to be very cool, it has a built-in GPS and an accelerometer. We’ve ordered plastic kits from Japan for it, and they’re on their way to our production facility. 
  • We’ve launched mass-production of the main PCB (motherboard).
  • Longboard adapter molds are ready, currently finalizing all the remaining ones.
  • Tested the iOS version of the Boost Surfing app, received great feedback, will release the Android version soon as well.
  • The charging jack – we had to switch our supplier. 

There were lots of other small things that we’ve done, you can read about them in more detail here, I won’t focus on them in this update.

Pro remote

We’re all very pleased with how the Pro remote turned out to be. The developers and Alex and I had tested it and it exceeded our expectations, everything works fine. There will be a GPS and an accelerometer inside it. We’ve ordered plastic casings for it in Japan and they’re on their way to our production facility for assembly. 


It’s excellent news that we’ve finally launched the main PCB into mass-production. If you’ve been following the updates for a long time, then you know that this was one of the most complicated components in the Fin, and a very long process in terms of production. Now we can be sure that the PCBs won’t detain us any longer.


We’re testing and approving the molds for the adapters. The longboard ones have been ready for a long time, so we only need to produce and test the molds for all the remaining adapters. 

Charging jack 

There was a slight holdback with the jack, but it’s been resolved. The nut wasn’t sitting in tightly enough which made the jack not entirely waterproof and we would have to use a sealant, which we didn’t want to do. It was supposed to fit in the mold perfectly without the need to seal it, but the supplier at the end said they cannot provide such a solution to us. We had a second supplier that will be able to provide that part.

At the moment we’re planning on beginning shipping at the end of December, and we’re doing our best to make it happen.

Boost Surfing App

We’ve tested the iOS version of the app in our private Facebook group, if you haven’t seen it yet – here’s the link to it. Huge thanks to everyone who took part in testing it and shared their feedback, we’re really happy to see words of gratitude and positive reviews.

The Android version is ready as well and we will soon share it for the tests, follow our social networks to see when it’s out – you will be able to download it and see how the app will look.

That’s all, in short, if you still have questions, then send me an email 🙂


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