We’re testing plastic shells, PCBs are in production!


It’s Dmitri, CEO of Boost Surfing, as usual. I’ll tell you how the week went and what news we have.

For those who don’t have much time to read, I’ll make it short:

  • We have launched the Orders Management System so you can pick fin color, adapters and check all your details : )
  • We’ve been working on the package design a lot as well as what’s going to be inside it, and we went through a bunch of options. I’ve attached a pic down below, check it out! 
  • Plastic shells are on their way to Bali, and our engineers in Europe are preparing PCBs for mass-production.
  • We’ve increased the price slightly, from $229 to $249, partly due to the fact that we didn’t save on components and their price increased by a whooping 50%, and partly because shipping begins soon, and as we’ve promised – the closer the shipping date, the higher the price. So if you’ve already purchased the fin, good for you and again thanks for your support, it is much appreciated 🙂 

Orders management system

We’ve launched the system so you can fill in the info about your preferred fin color, pick adapters and check your delivery address. After that, you’re done, and we can start preparing the fins for shipping! 🙂 

We’ve sent the emails to almost all the users, and are currently sending the remaining ones. When you receive the link, click on the link and enter the email which you used when you created your order and then create a password to access the page.

If for any reason you haven’t received an email with the link, then, firstly, check your Spam folder, and if it’s still not there, please go to https://orders.boostsurfing.com/ and use the reset password function using the same email that was on your order. Your login ID is the email that you’ve entered when placing an order.

Package design

We’ve been discussing the way the package should look and what should be inside the box together with the product team and visual design team.

We’re almost done with that and are going to send everything into print soon. There will also be a letter from me in the box, and I hope you’ll give it a read 🙂 

Here’s how the package will look:  

PCB and plastic shells

Currently, we have 15 PCB samples, we have finalized them and sent them to production. Two partner factories will be producing them to speed up the process, and we will be receiving them in batches so we can start shipping first orders.

Plastic shells are already on their way to our R&D department in Bali, and they should be there soon. Then it’s going to take us 1 or 2 days to test the shells and determine if they are the exact shape and quality as we expect. So after the tests, we will launch them into mass-production straight away and start assembling the fins! Anyway, I will tell you about that next week (fingers crossed, the news will be positive). 🙂

Price increase

As I said before it is vital for us to create a mass product that’s accessible for most people, but not saving on quality at the same time. Due to this approach, the cost of the materials increased by 50%.

So we’ve been gradually increasing prices since it’s no longer profitable to sell the fins at the pre-order price, not to mention there are dozens of non-obvious and inconspicuous costs. That’s why we decided to gradually raise prices, with the current price going up from $229 to $249.

If you haven’t purchased the fin yet or if you have friends or relatives interested in buying one – I wanted to let you know about the increase. And when we begin shipping (that will happen pretty soon) – the price will increase even more, so now is a good time to order your Boost Fin.

Thanks for reading till the end.


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