Why It’s Okay to Be Kooks of the Day

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Have you ever been in a such situation when you finally come up with “literally” the MOST AMAZING IDEA OF A PRODUCT that you know in your guts is going to go VIRAL and CHANGE THINGS AROUND, but when trying to explain it to other people, they just don’t get it? (totally happens to me more often than I want)

Boost Surfing got caught up in a bit of a pickle similar to the situation described above. As they were starting to share their innovative paddling solution, a wave of angry and demeaning comments flooded social media. They even got featured on Kooks of the Day and received over 900 comments, some of them saying how stupid and ridiculous the Boost eFin idea was.

But was it really that stupid? (Short Answer: Obviously Not)

why it's okay to be kooks of the day

True, no pro-surfer would even look at something that could help them paddle. “If you can’t paddle, don’t surf” — some said. HARDCORE! Totally love watching those ripped, super-athletic dudes that paddle for miles and still have lots of energy stored for rad flips.

But what about the rest of us? The weak with flabby stomachs? The injured adrenaline junkies? Or even just the tech-lovers and novelty-enthusiasts?

Boost eFin was created for those who don’t mind getting a little help (a little boost, if you wish).

I don’t know about you, but if a current is dragging me away, I’d rather get boosted and actually get to the lineup than continue paddling for “five extra miles”. That’s who Boost eFin is for.

It’s not trying to change the sport or interfere with surfing as you know it. It’s there for you, when and if you need it: whether it’s getting to a lineup that’s located further away, battling a current, or getting help at the beginning of your surfing journey.

So, if you consider yourself a pro or within the high-aboves, you probably won’t be immediately drawn to the idea of an electric motor fin. And you don’t need to! But if you know the pain Boost Surfing addresses, the paddling suffering a lot of us can relate to — you’ll get the idea of a Boost eFin.

why it's okay to be kooks of the day

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