How To Improve Your Surfing In 5 Minutes: Secret Tool Revealed

How To Improve Your Surfing In 5 Minutes: Secret Tool Revealed

If you think surfing feels something like this picture above.

Then carry on, my friend, this article ain’t for you.

For the rest of us, who knows that surfing feels more like this:

how surfing feels sometimes
How surfing feels “sometimes”

Welcome to the club.

We feel your pain of constant muscle soreness, panting and disappointment of a missed wave. If you are not a 16-year old blond Australian (Ello, mate!), you probably understand what we are talking about. It usually goes something like this:

You are super stoked, paddling towards the lineup, feeling strong and confident. One duck dive, then another. You are fighting the incoming set, paddling fast, then faster and faster.. and then slower and slower until your arms feel like they’re going to fall off. The Australian mate has already caught a couple of waves looking all fresh and tireless, while you are here, breathless, feeling weak and insecure.

Paddling strength and endurance has always come up as a struggle even for experienced surfers. Unless you get into the water daily, while also doing 5-Mile runs and HIIT workouts a few times a week, you know that feeling of exhaustion.

It’s EXTREMELY frustrating, taking all the fun out of surfing and leaving you feeling helpless and doubtful about your life.

To save you from drowning yourself in self-doubt, guys at Boost Surfing created something awesome that will change your sad paddling situation.

Introducing the revolutionary Boost eFin: an attachable fin with an electric motor that gives you that extra push when you are dead tired.

Attention, for all you lazy dudes, this ain’t going to do all the work for you (like one of those $12K electric flites).

Boost Surfing was created for people who love and respect the sport with all its struggles and imperfections.

But to keep you from hating yourself or giving up on surfing, Boost eFin is there for you. You still gotta paddle to the lineup, but when the current is dragging you away and your arms are about to fall off, Boost will save your surf and face.

With a simple regular fin-like installation, you’ll be ready to get going within minutes. And be gone for hours. As the great O’Neill once said: “I’m just a surfer who wanted to build something that would allow me to surf longer.

So prep your rubber, get a Boost eFin and surf like you’ve never surfed before.

For more information on Boost Surfing and eFin, visit: or check out the Facebook page Boost Surf, Inc.

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Boost Surfing Fin
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