Why You Suck at Surfing And How to Stop Sucking (At Surfing)

“Dude, surfing sucks!”

why you suck at surfing and how to stop sucking
Ooppsie 😉

Woah-woah, before you start throwing rotten tomatoes at this article, let’s be honest with each other: there are SOME aspects of surfing that you are struggling with.

Paddling. Paddling is a real B.

Big deal, I meant, when it comes to surfing. And unfortunately so, especially when you are at the beginning of your ridiculous Vans Triple Crown dream, paddling can really keep you away from catching more waves a.k.a. practicing more a.k.a. progressing (a.k.a. “Heavy is the head that wear the crown”).

Alex, the hero of the day (you’ll learn shortly why), was frustrated with this surfing bottleneck. He was only an amateur surfer and each successful take-off felt like a big win. And each missed wave, well, like a giant dump.

“If only I could get a small push before the break point”, — tired from all the attempts, Alex knew that his old arm injury wouldn’t let him catch the wave worthy of a Triple Crown. He needed that push.

For some, dreaming up a solution to their problem stays only a dream, but with an engineering degree, Alex was getting hands deep into bringing his solution to life.

As any tru surfer, Alex wasn’t trying to change the surf. He just wanted to create something that would allow him to surf longer.. hmm, sounds familiar. Something simple, innovative, and actually functional. Some sort of a surfing assistant. Like your surfing coach, but small and quiet. Something like an electric motor fin. Omg, that’s it.

you cant stop the waves but you can boost your surf

That’s how the idea of Boost Surfing was born. The idea of an eFin that will give your that push to get to the lineup, to surf longer, to catch the Triple Crown wave.

Months of development, testing, research and failed attempts brought Alex and his co-bro Dmitri to this day: the launch of Boost Surfing.

If you got doubts — lose them, cause these guys are on their wave to perfect the already oh-so-perfect sport.

Ah! Got curious about how it works?

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